Noble Houses Explained


Wraith is the current Ruling House of Haltbent. Having origins in the Praiye Isles, this family was the first to come to Haltbent, followed by the Ashdownes and various vassals. Members of this family are known to be passionate and fierce with their rule and duties. Though members of the Wraith House can sometimes be seen as calculating and cruel, they hardly ever make a decision without seeing both sides first. They have been in power since before coming to Haltbent, and their distant family is still in power in the Praiye Isles. The current Head of this House is Dain Wraith, a man overseeing the young Princess's Rule until her coming of age. Before their rise, Adley Wraith sat at the family's Head with her late husband, Dangelo Ashdowne-Wraith. Their crest is a platiunum griffin rampant against a Byzantium and black background, their House colors. Beast Master is known to run in this House.


The highest ranking House below Wraith is Highmore. This House is well-known for their explosive tempers, and many fear what a Highmore is capable of when they have been angered, especially now that the family has come to power. This House claims many warriors, with even women sometimes practicing combat. They have claim of over half the high-ranking members of the Royal Military, earning them their role as military advisers to the Crown. They were one of the first Houses to come to Haltbent with Bryden Wraith, though they were only a common home within the Praiye Isles. For their faith in the young prince, Highmore was rewarded a place in the Nobility of the new kingdom. Their crest is a trinity of blades set in a star on a Venetian red and gold background. These same colors are the House's own. The Healing Touch Talent has been known to run through the blood of the Highmore House.


The next ranking Noble House below Highmore is Wellward, a family commonly known for their loyalty and fierce determination. Before the Fall, Wellward was a common home, most members being involved in small business, but when Wraith turned its wrath on the Nobles, the Head, --- Wellward, and the rest of the family helped to find those responsible for the Fall and thus earned a spot in the Nobility of Haltbent. Many in this home are sensitive of their previously low standing, some even becoming bitter, and they are quick to flaunt whatever power they possess when faced with derision. Their crest is in the shape of a shield with dual swords crossed over one another on a violet and bronze background, their House colors. It is common for those in this family to hold the Beast Touch Talent. 


The lowest ranking Noble House is Leopard, a family notable for their cunning and quick wits, and feared for their willingness to betray those close to them in search of power. --- Leopard is the current Head of the Leopard House, after Drake Leopard was forcefully removed by the Queen for treason. Before the Fall, Leopard was of equal standing with Highmore with Fredrick and Mahlia Leopard at its head. Their crest is a leopard leaping with a crown of hawthorn on a silver and Islamic green background. Though the family claims the crown of hawthorn symbolizes the power of balance, many whispers can be heard in the right places that the crown symbolizes the omen of bringing such into your home. The House colors are silver and Islamic green. Ardent Touch is known to run in Leopard blood.

Ashdowne (Dispersed)

This House once ruled just under Wraith, with diplomats in many of Haltbent's neighboring countries. At the time of the uprising within the Noble Houses, Markus Ashdowne was the Head, with his wife, Juliana Ashdowne, as his Duchess. Ashdownes were known for their strict loyalty to the Crown, having followed the Wraith family from the Praiye Isles in the very beginning. It was common for Wraith princesses to marry a member of the Ashdowne House when the time came for them to wed. Members of this house were often distant, but diplomatic and logical in their actions and thoughts. It was extremely rare for an Ashdowne to be convicted of any crime, as many worked in forming new laws and abolishing old. Ashdownes commonly claimed tanned skin and olive-toned eyes, with dark hair and angled faces. This family was one of two in Haltbent that retained the ability to learn magic, though their ability was more limited than their Wraith counterparts. Their crest was an indigo winged serpent surrounded by ash tree leaves wrapping its body. Their House colors were indigo and olive. Soft Step commonly ran through the blood of those in this House.

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