Typical Lifespan and Aging for Elves

Elves within Haltbent live much longer than humans, with their average lifespan ranging to one hundred fifty years, and occasionally beyond. As a newborn, an elf is very clearly stronger than a human babe. Within their first year, an elven child will age at the rate of six human years, giving them a clear advantage over humans from a young age. After one year, the aging will slow until at the age of ten years, an elven child is aging at the same rate as a human. An elven boy reaches physical maturity at age eighteen, and an elven girl would reach the same at age sixteen. When they reach their peak (the age at which they are their healthiest, and most fit to survive), their aging will slow drastically, sometimes to the equivalent of only aging one year every five or more. This allows elves to bear children until later in their lives than humans, and is why many elves within the same generation will look years apart in age.

Typical Lifespan and Aging for Halflings

A halfling, the result of interracial breeding between elves and humans, will age slightly quicker than a human baby, but not as quickly as an elf. Their first year will see two years of growth, and then a slower pace from that until a girl will reach physical maturity at age fifteen, and a boy at age eighteen. Because halflings are prone to more illnesses and diseases than elves, though less than humans, their typical lifespan is around a hundred years, with some living a bit longer, or dying sooner.

Typical Lifespan and Agining for Humans

Humans within Haltbent age at the same rate as humans in the real world. Due to poorer knowledge in medicine and science, however, a human rarely lives past the age of seventy years. They are prone to disease and brittle bones in their later years, making it harder for them to maintain their lives. Many humans will need to retire from their work after age fifty, and rely on their children to provide for them.

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