General Rules

1) Bullying will not be tolerated on Haltbent. On the first offense, the bully will be banned without warning and will not be permitted to rejoin. If it becomes a persistent issue, Haltbent reserves the right to deal with the situation as we see fit, and we will not hesitate to turn over an IP address to the proper authorities, as harassment is illegal in the United States and other countries. Bullying is not okay.

2)Bickering, arguing or any other forms of interpersonal drama will not be tolerated on Haltbent. Drama between members causes unnecessary problems for everyone on the site, and creates a tense atmosphere, and Haltbent is designed to be a carefree, friendly environment.

3) Pornography of any form is not allowed on Haltbent. This includes in roleplay, in links and in profiles. (e.g., detailed mating [dming]; pictures, gifs and videos containing nudity* or sexual acts; as well as links to these types of content will not be allowed on Haltbent.)

4) Content on Haltbent is rated R. Some content seen on this site includes heavy profanity, drug use, gore, death and other themes that might not be suitable for younger users. If you are under seventeen (17), but thirteen (13) or older, you may join Haltbent with a parent or guardian's permission. Haltbent is not responsible for the content you might see while you use this site.

5) Spamming, trolling, post chains, et cetera, are strictly against the rules. This includes using emojis in the shoutboxes, as well as posting many links in a shoutbox, even if they are not the same link.

6) Screen names (profile names) are to be kept short, and must consist of only letters in the Latin (Roman) alphabet. Symbols or other non-letter text are not permitted. (Notice: You may use a dash [-] in your name if it is present in your character's name, or parenthases [(,)] to denote a nickname or other important detail [such as "& co" or something similar].) 

7) Gifs are not to be used as profile pictures. If you are found using a gif as a profile picture, you will be given a maximum of one (1) warning before ban.

8) Do not ask for a high rank or staff position. Doing so not only lessens your chances of getting a high role in the future, but if the asking/begging turns to harassment, it will be treated as a bullying case.

9) Please remember that if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, any rules broken will still be punished. "I was high/drunk," is not an acceptable excuse. If you cannot control yourself while inebriated or otherwise intoxicated, do not use Haltbent in these situations.

10) Any art that is created for Haltbent, whether by a graphic designer or otherwise, becomes property of Haltbent. When giving art to the site, please keep this in mind, as one will be unable to claim art theft in the event they change their mind about the art they gave. 


* A woman's nipples (so long as they are not presented in a sexual way) are not considered nudity in these rules.

Character Rules

1) Do not make a mary-sue/marty-stu character. This means a character without flaws, one who is perfect. Not only is this tacky, but it also creates problems in roleplay.

2) Characters must all be elven, human or halfling. There are no other species of humanoid allowed to be roleplayed on Haltbent, nor are there dragons within the world Haltbent is based in. The only mythical creatures on the site are elves. (Please note that imaginary breeds of already-existing creatures are allowed to be used on Haltbent. All imaginary breeds must be brought to the owner before they are allowed in roleplay.)

3) To create a member of the Wraith or Ashdowne Houses, you must first ask the owner and receive permission. (Please remember that simply because a character is a Wraith, they are not Royalty. Do not ask to become Royalty.)

4) Your character may have a Talent only after you have received permission from the owner. Remember, when asking, that Talents are given to active, friendly members. (This means that a new member is not likely to receive permission for a Talent, nor is someone who is inactive or otherwise unsuited to hold this kind of power within Haltbent.)

5) Your character is not permitted to possess magical abilities without prior permission from the owner. This includes, but is not limited to, fantasy-type magic (pyromancy, necromancy, telepathy, et cetera), Wiccan-based magic (the manipulation of energy drawn in or pushed out of the body), and voodoo. Your character is also not permitted to be a medium or other form of psychic, as these hold basis in magic. If you are unsure if something would be allowed, please ask a member of staff.

6) Powerplaying and godmodding are not allowed. In a fight, you are not permitted to dodge every attack, or land every attack, if the opponent is of equal or higher skill. Please remember that the age and standing of a character within Haltbent will greatly affect his or her ability. (For example, a sixteen year old farm boy would not be any match against a twenty year old trained knight.) One-shot kills are also not allowed within roleplay unless the victim of the shot is an NPC or you have received permission from the character's roleplayer beforehand.

7) In order for the gods to interact with your character, you must first receive permission from staff. Any person found not following this rule will be at risk of banning.

High Rank Rules

1) You must be online  at least six days every ten, and are required to post at least three times in the same span. If you must take a leave, please discuss it with the owner beforehand to know whether the absence will affect your rank.

2) If you are the Head of a House, the way you roleplay your character will affect the House's standing within Haltbent. This means that if your character is opposed to House Wraith's Rule, for example, the House will risk being stripped of their title, or the Head will come to lose their position and be replaced with someone who better fits the Crown's intentions.

3) As a high rank on Haltbent, you are expected to be friendly and welcoming, as you are a part of the face of the site. If a high rank is seen breaking a rule, or being unkind to another member, their punishment may be harsher than if someone without a high rank had committed the act. You represent Haltbent; be a good role model.





Please remember that Haltbent staff reserve the right to ban at any time with or without explanation or warning, regardless of the rule broken.

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