Known Talents

Talents are shown within elves of Haltbent; these Talents are the small remains of a great magic that once belonged to the families of Haltbent when they were within the Praiye Isles. While many Noble Houses are famed for having Talents, it doesn't mean that they can't run through the blood of commoners.

Having a Talent, however, isn't always such a good thing. Some Talents will be death of the person who is able to use it, and other people with certain Talents will be sought out in times of war to be used as a weapon.

 Below, you can find a list of the Talents that are most seen within the Kingdom of Haltbent. Please be aware that before gifting your character with a Talent, you must speak with and receive permission from the owners beforehand.

Verdant Touch: The Verdant Touch is mostly seen in families that have a good name with farming. Many who have the Verdant Touch are common people, who are in the service of a Noble family. This Talent allows a gardener to bring some small plants back from death, or allow plants to grow faster and bear more fruit. Most who possess this Talent are only able to speed the growth and increase bearing of certain plants, so not everyone with this ability can make a living selling various types of foods. Those who are skilled in growing food crops (such as corn, wheat and various fruits and vegetables) are employed by the royal family or higher ranking nobles, while those who are adept at flowering plants may be hired to tend gardens.

Healing Touch: The Healing Touch is a double-edged sword for the person holding the Talent. Those who use this Talent may be able to help the sick and wounded, but at a price to themselves. While this Talent does allow them to speed up healing, it takes a toll on their bodies. The user may become ill more often than someone who does not have this Talent, and they may have been sickly children. It is most often seen in medics or nurses, but people within this profession possessing this Talent tend to leave their jobs sooner, due to chronic illness, or sometimes even death. Many who have and use this Talent age at a somewhat faster rate then those around them. 

Beast Master: (Very rare) This Talent hasn't been seen in many years, so some believe that it never existed. The user of this Talent is able to speak with animals with the same ease that two people speaking the same language might. This Talent takes many years to perfect, but it has been shown to help if the user recognizes that they possess it and begin working to master it from a young age. As this Talent has been seen as a fabricated trait, many children who begin to show signs of holding this Talent are discouraged from using it, and therefore never acknowledge that they have this.

Beast Touch: This Talent allows its user to command animals more easily than someone without it, so those who breed or train animals typically tend to show the use of it. There are some exceptions to the use of this Talent, however, most being related to animals with particularly stubborn natures, regardless of species or breed. An animal that is naturally more stubborn or standoffish is much less likely to obey anyone, even those with this Talent, though this would definitely help in taming them.

Ardent Touch: Those with this Talent cannot turn it on or off. With this Talent, users are forced to feel the emotions of any and all around them constantly, to always know what other people are feeling. Sometimes, in the later stages when someone is coming to their breaking point, they may be able to also feel others' intentions through their emotions. Many times, those who have this Talent find themselves slowly driven to insanity. 

Affect Master: (Defunct) Affect Master was a Talent which gave a person the ability to control the emotions of those around them, rather than simply sense them. Many with this Talent became corrupt, and throughout time, each person gifted with this Talent seemed to contract Valley Fever once they mastered it. Because many people feared the sickness, they began suppressing this Talent and teaching children born with it to never use it, and so it has since died from existence. There has not been a sign of a child born with this Talent in many years, and so many believe that it will no longer plague Haltbent.

Soft Step: Those with the Soft Step Talent are blessed to have no side effects. While they are able to sneak about unseen and unheard, it doesn't mean they can't be spotted by those who look for them. As well, if a person with this Talent causes a scene, their Talent will become obsolete in that situation and they'll be seen regardless of their Talent, with attention drawn to them just as someone without it making the same issue. Once a person using this Talent has been spotted by someone, that person will be able to see them even in the midst of their wielding the ability until the user has left the other person's conscious mind. 

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